Weight Loss With Fen Phen Diet Pills

Fen Phen Diet Pills was an anti-obesity pill (anorectic) which contained two drugs; Fenfluramine and Phentermine. Later on a related drug Dexfenfluramine was added. The term Fen-phen was coined in 1994 when Pietr Hitzig and Richard B. Rothman reported that this combination could reduce alcohol and Cocaine craving.

It was released in 1996 with no approval from Food and Drug Administration. It was marketed by American Home product (later known as Wyeth) as Pondimin, but was shown to cause potentially fatal pulmonary hypertension and heart valve problems. Wyeth created drugs sold as Redux and Pondimin, which were utilized as the fenfluramine half the fen-phen mix formula.

It suddenly became a hit because of its very efficient fat reduction results. However, it was discovered that it reduced weight temporarily and many people complained because of the side effects causing it to be ordered off the market by FDA in September 1997. Legal damages against Wyeth went well over $13 billion.

Fen-phen is no longer widely available. The phen in the name Fen Phen Diet Pills refers to a drug called phetermine, which wasn’t banned. Phentermine was not shown to induce any dangerous effects. The Fen-phen drugs were linked to heart valve problems. Reports suggested the drug caused valvular heart-disease, pulmonary hypertension, primary in women who had been undergoing treatment with fen-phen or dexfluramine.

These side effects were mixed with some connected to other diseases but many patients experienced shortness of breath, fainting and coughing up blood.

Qysmia was introduced as a new anti-obesity drug and was produced by Vivus Inc under supervision of Food and Drug Administration. It was meant to replace Fen-phen. However, many people did not know that it was repackaged Fen-phen, created using two older drugs: topiramate and phentermine.

It was officially referred as top-phen. The side effects of Qysmia included tingling in the hands and feet, constipation, dry mouth, dizziness and insomnia. Food and Drug Administration rejected Qysmia, then known as Qnexa, in 2010 because it was associated with elevated heart rate, psychiatric problems and birth defects. An overweight or obese person would be much better off simply switching to grass-fed meat than taking Qysmia.

Obese people who want to reduce weight may turn to herbal fen-phen which is easier to obtain than fen-phen ever was. As a dietary supplement, herbal Fen Phen Diet Pills is available without prescription in drugstores. The prescription combination consists of fenfluramine, which raises the level of the chemical serotonin in the brain.

This makes one feel full and eat less. Phenteramine, increases the metabolic rate so that the person burns up more calories. Herbal fen-phen is a combination of extracts of Saint-John’s wort, a mood-boosting herb, and ma huang, a stimulant also known as Ephedra. Herbal Fen-phen contains enough Ephedra to deliver between 40-60 milligrams of ephedrine alkaloid a day.

Phen375 was introduced in February 2009. On June 27th 2012, Food and Drug Administration approved the new diet pill Belviq (lorcaserin), by Arena pharmaceuticals. It is the first weight loss drug to be approved in 13 years.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

My wife and I have had the same bed for around 10 years or so. It is a queen size bed that is quite firm. My wife has a bad back so she really didn’t mind the firmness as it helped her back to feel better. I on the other hand am a large guy that like to have a little bit of squishiness beneath me when I am sleeping.

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress TopperOne day we were strolling through our local cosco membership store and we noticed a sleep innovations memory foam mattress topper section just waiting for us to walk by and check them out. We hadn’t really thought a lot about the different brands on the market, but we knew that we didn’t want to go the cheap route by going to the other well know discount store in the area that is infamous for selling goods on the cheap from China. I know how hard it is to trust people online and different review, and it is because of this that I decided to do this sleep innovations memory foam mattress review.

The price was a little more than I really wanted to pay as it was right at 200 dollars for the queen size topper. I went ahead and picked it up though as I couldn’t resist. We were looking at the option of getting a new bed, but thought we would try this method and see how it worked.

When we got the mattress home, we broke open the box and put it on our bed. The first thing that got me was how heavy the thing was. Seeing how it was just foam and not having any previous experience with the material before, I was quite impressed with the weight of the product.

The next thing that caught my attention, which really isn’t a great thing, was the smell. Memory foam does have kind of a funky smell, but it is something which does dissipate over time. It isn’t overpowering or anything like that, just kind of like buying a new car. You have that smell that takes time to get rid of. I know that a lot of people like that kind of thing, but I’m not a big fan of those types of smells.

We opted for a 3 inch topper. When rolling it out on the bed, it had a covering over it and in the interest of keeping the topper protected I left it on. I quickly found out that this was a mistake as it caused the topper to slide around on the bed. After a couple of nights on it like this I stripped the bed and removed the protective cover. This cured the problem of the mattress sliding all over the bed and it held its position firmly afterwards.

I spent some time reading reviews on amazon and discovered that some brands of memory foam mattress pads aren’t really the size that they claim to be and that you need to buy one size up in order for it to fit your bed right. This is not the case with the sleep innovations memory foam mattress topper. It fit my queen size bet right to the very edge.

This mattress pad also came with a fitted cover that wrapped all the way around my mattress and held it in place very well. This is a very high quality cover and I am glad that it came with the mattress. There is a cheaper mattress cover brand on Amazon that you might be considering. This brand is the sleep studio memory foam mattress topper. With this mattress topper you don’t get a cover for it, all it is is the topper itself. For me, spending the extra cash on the sleep inovations mattress topper was worth every cent as I never have to worry about it sliding out of place. This cover fits my bed perfectly and does not come off like my normal sheets do.

Before I bought the cover, I had a lot of pain in my shoulders because I like to sleep on my side. I noticed a slow improvement with that pain after using the mattress topper for a while. For years my wife and I had a feather mattress topper on the bed. We thought that was comfortable and when it finally died and we had feathers everywhere, we found that we couldn’t bear sleeping on the bare mattress for even a couple of nights. This led us to the memory foam. After sleeping on the mattress, I wish that I would have gotten rid of that feather thing years ago.

If you sleep with a person who does a lot of tossing and turning, you will still notice when they do their turning on this pad as it really is just a mattress topper. Your mattress is still going to transfer the motion, but the intensity of the movement is lessened. I am the roller in our bed, and my wife has noticed an improvement because she says that I don’t toss and turn nearly as much as before. We both sleep much better with the mattress pad on this mattress than we ever thought possible.

My wife absolutely loves our bed now. My only complaint is that it is still a queen size bed and I am a big guy. I really want a king size. It’s all good though, because I do sleep a lot better on this mattress than I ever thought possible. I don’t have the pain in my shoulder anymore when I lay on my side and I feel like the mattress topper wraps itself around be and supports me in all the right places.

Every person is different obviously, and so their preferenced for a mattress and a topper are going to be quite different. We chose the sleep innovations because it was right there in front of us while we were in Cosco and I have the cash on hand for it. I think that if it were any other brand, it would still have been just as comfortable though it might not have fit our bed quite so perfectly.

So to sum up this review I would definitely give it 5 stars. There is nothing negative about it in my mind. My body feels better, and I get a much more satisfying sleep on my bed now and I didn’t have to buy a new bed to accomplish this. If you are on a budget where you cannot afford to go out and buy a new sleep number bed, then adding a new memory foam mattress cover by sleep innovations will definitely be worth every penny that you invest.

These also make wonderful gifts for your family and friends who are not getting the sleep that they need because of mattresses that don’t deliver on comfort and support. Pamper yourself. If you are a normal person, you spend 1/3 of your life in bed. If you don’t spend that time well through getting the sleep that you need, the other 2/3rds of your life are not going to be as productive and pleasing for you. i have never regretted my decision to make my bed a more comfortable and inviting habitat for my wife and I.


Fits the bed perfectly VERY VERY comfortable Affordable Quality made in the USA Zippered cover to hold the mattress topper in place


Very warm to sleep on other than that none. If you are a cold sleeper it would be perfect, If you are a warm sleeper, you can expect to sweat.


I highly recommend this mattress topper. The quality of the foam and cover is top notch. You do get what you pay for. I have no regrets with the one that I purchased and look forward to going to bed at night as a result of it.