Still Looking for a New Job

I have just started out on a job search, but the only thing I have found is going to require me to me away from where I am living right now. I would have to go and look at apartments for rent in Buffalo Grove IL if I took that job. Moving would not be much of a task, I just got out of college a year ago and so far I have not really accumulated that much stuff. At least there is not much of it which is really worth the bother of moving it an hour and a half down the highway. I would probably take the majority of the stuff out to the curb and leave it for rent Continue reading

Started Doing the Research on Class Project

I thought I had really crapped out at first, because I am not thrilled with the topic the professor picked out for me to write about. He had about thirty different ones and I got to write about abortion in Sydney. Of course it is interesting to some people, but I am not one of them. I prefer not to think about it if I do not have to. I have one of those confused and highly nuanced views on the topic which makes it difficult for me to write something coherent about it. In the one sense I think it is wrong and I would certainly not wish to allow it if I thought there was a practical way to stop it. Continue reading