Still Looking for a New Job

I have just started out on a job search, but the only thing I have found is going to require me to me away from where I am living right now. I would have to go and look at apartments for rent in Buffalo Grove IL if I took that job. Moving would not be much of a task, I just got out of college a year ago and so far I have not really accumulated that much stuff. At least there is not much of it which is really worth the bother of moving it an hour and a half down the highway. I would probably take the majority of the stuff out to the curb and leave it for rent Of course I would have to talk someone into helping me move, preferably some guy with a truck since I am going to need one of those. I figure that I could make a couple of trips in my car, which is not going to handle much of a load and then one load in a pick up truck with all of the big stuff. The obvious question is whether or not the job is going to be worth the pain of moving, or if I could find some better job if I stuck to the job hunt. It is not an easy decision, but I am going to have to figure it out. Of course I still have a good deal of time left on my lease here, but I believe that I have found a guy who wants to take over the place. It seems like my apartment is in a nearly perfect location for him, which obviously made me wonder where he was working and whether or not they had another job that I could get.